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Back in the late 80's and early 90's we had a lot of BBS (Bulletin Board System) in Melbourne. Every wannabe sysop had a 2 or 386 and a 2400bps modem and figured they could make it work. Around this time I think we had more systems online than anywhere else in the world, certainly at least for density.

The Lower Planes, owed its name to many hours of AD&D playing. But opened up as an Apple II support system, as I couldn't find anyone supporting my computer of choice at the time, an Apple IIgs. I originally bought a 286/21 with a 40Mb HD and a 40Mb colorado tape drive, and this got the whole thing off the ground and flying. As it turned out, by this stage the Apple II was really a dieing beast, however we caught on amongst II users and had interstate callers too.

Not long ago I got fired with enthusiasm and nostalgia to rebuild this technological marvel and hook it up to the net. To keep this as Authentic as possible, I've grabbed the same software from the way back machine, otherwise known as a Delorean. SuperBBS from Aki Antman. Some Finnish guy with a strange name, but great software.

I'm running VirtualBox under Ubuntu emulating DOS6.1 boxes with 1 node per box. Perhaps a little inefficient, but not a lot different to trying to run many nodes on one system under desqview.

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